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Ford SmartLink Cures Your No-Modem Blues

New cars are more and more likely in recent years to come with a built-in modem for hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot. These connected cars give drivers more control than ever before, including:

  • Streaming movies to entertain backseat passengers
  • Vehicle health updates & maintenance schedules
  • Remote engine start & climate control, so the vehicle is comfortable as soon as you sit down
  • Remote door lock & unlock
  • Finding the vehicle's location...
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How to Pack for Your Next Road Trip

Packing for that road trip involves more than jamming your luggage in the back of the vehicle. Here are some safety things you should pack to ensure you are not going to break down on the highway.
  • Pack a gas can in your car and you can get anyone to help you get fuel if you run out.
  • Bring a set of jumper cables and the first car to pull over to help will be able to jump start your battery for you.
  • Take along a can or two of tire fix-a-flat so you are not stuck if the spare…
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Tire Rotation Importance

You’re driving down a dark road late at night. This is the usual route you take to drive home after a long day of work. As you look out of the windows, the trees nearby pass you at relative speed. You’re cruising a few miles under the speed limit when you see something in the roadway slightly ahead. Because you noticed early enough, you lightly pump the brakes in anticipation. The object was closer than you realized so you slam into the break a little harder. Although you managed to stop in time, you noticed that your back…
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Replacing Your Car Battery

Your car doesn’t run without your cars battery. So, it is important to keep it serviced. Most batteries have a life expectancy of 3-5 years, but there are other distinguishing factors that may shorten the life span of your battery. Taking short trips more often than long trips can prevent your battery from recharging fully as you drive, and if you do not drive your car every day or leave it parked for extended periods the battery may need to be replaced.

There are distinguishable signs your battery may be getting low. The older your car battery is the…
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The 2017 Ford Fiesta: A Great Safe Vehicle

2017 Ford Fiesta Specs

If you are looking on the market for a great vehicle that offers all the latest safety features, you might be interested in The 2017 Ford Fiesta. The 2017 Ford Fiesta starts at just $13,660 and gets up to 31 city miles per gallon and 41 highway miles per gallon. The 2017 Ford Fiesta has a fuel take capacity of 12.4 gallons and offers seating for up to five people.

Safety Features

The 2017 Ford Fiesta was built with safety in mind and offers the latest safety features. One safety feature is the Side…
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2017 Ford C-Max Brings Style and Power to Your Trip!

Have you ever just wanted a car that is good on gas and fun to drive without the burden of waiting for something to happen to it? Do you wish for a roomy and comfortable ride with all of the latest tech features inside? The 2017 Ford C-Max is loaded with features that will make your next family trip a pleasure to embark on from any part of this country.

The new Ford C-Max is equipped with great front seats, strong driving and handling, and great fuel economy thanks to its powerful engine. It's an engine that can produce…
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The 2017 Ford Focus is the Perfect Family Car

If you are a young family, finding a quality, dependable, and safe vehicle is probably one of the biggest things on your mind, since there is literally so much riding in your hands every time you get inside the car. With the 2017 Ford Focus, you get what you want and need in a sleek, stylish car that is also fuel efficient and practical. With an abundance of safety features sch as Reverse Sensing System, Blind Spot Information system, Keep-Lane system, park assist, and more, the Focus ensures that you and your family arrive at your destination...
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Engine Oil Needs Its Regular Change Every So Often

Let's face it. We all have tasks and responsibilities to manage it today’s very busy world, and changing your car's oil may sometimes tend to fall to the very back of the long list of duties to do. It is, however, no less important. Changing your oil regularly will help to maintain the overall inner lubrication and healthy functionality of all the inner parts of your vehicle's engine. This cannot be stressed enough; it is important to do on a constant, regular basis for the health of the engine.

A proper change of oil can do…
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Ford F-150 is Most Wanted Full-Size Truck According to both Edmunds and Autobytel

The Ford F-150 is off to a great start in 2017, earning three significant awards that are based on customer research. Two from Autobytel.com and one from Edmunds.com.

According to a press release from earlier this week, the F-150 earned the 2017 Autobytel Buyer’s Choice Full-Size Truck award and the overall winner of the 2017 Autobytel Buyer’s Choice Truck of the Year. The awards are based entirely on customer date from Autobytel's website...

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Five Great Reasons to Consider Purchasing the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

If your new car search has led you to the highly saturated midsize sedan segment, you might've found that you could use a helping hand. After all, it's not always easy to sort through a class as crowded as this one!

Have no fear, though, as your friends at Ron DuPratt Ford have a vehicle that's likely to meet your every driving desire.

Known simply as the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid, your first look at this snazzy sedan is available in the clip below:

Below the Fusion Hybrid's snout, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine holds…

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