Automotive Painting Service


If you need a paint job, whether it's part of a repair job…or you just want to improve how your vehicle looks, come in to Ron DuPratt's body shop. Our expert automotive paint technicians will inspect your vehicle to determine what collision repair and automotive paint services you will need achieve the look you want. Our technicians will work with you and explain the options you have to keep the project within your budget and provide you a written estimate for the parts and body work you need (if necessary) and outline the cost for supplies and painting services.

With Ron DuPratt Ford's history covering more than 56 years, and thousands of customers, you can be assured that we will deliver you the most accurate estimate we can and follow that up with affordable and reliable service you can count on.


Almost every vehicle that has been on the road has a scratch or dent somewhere. When get your vehicle paint estimate from us, we can let you know how much it would cost to get those fixed. Then you can decide if it makes sense to you to fix those first. Painting your vehicle for resale? Remember, putting a little money into cosmetics can increase the price you can get from the sale.

If you need substantial after-accident body repair, then you're at the right place. Ron DuPratt Ford has the trained and certified technicians and the specialized tools and equipment to make the collision repairs you need.


After you accept our estimate, we begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying your vehicle. We make any repairs you agreed to and carefully re-examine the vehicle prior to painting. We prep and seal your vehicle's surface as necessary before we begin to paint. Our paint technicians then paint your vehicle and ensure that the designated areas to be painted are covered completely, and that paint color is matched to the vehicle. 

If your paint job requires an insurance claim to be filed, Ron DuPratt Ford will help you. If you plan to pay for the painting yourself, we will make sure you thoroughly understand the charges and options that apply to your case to make sure to reach a solution that is optimal for your situation.


Some key tips to maintain your paint job in its pristine condition:
  • Don't drive behind a vehicle that is dropping items, especially gravel. (Change lanes.)
  • On hot days, try to park in the shade, but not under trees or other places where items can drop onto your vehicle.
  • If the weather is rainy or stormy, try to park somewhere you can be protected from debris blown in the wind - and under cover if there is a chance for hail or snow.
  • Avoid driving on a "loose" surface such as sand, salt or gravel. If you drive on a road that has been "salted" after snow, wash your car as soon as possible.
  • Of course, wash your car regularly. Even in a drought, you can keep your car clean by using a bucket or utilizing recycled water options.


Washing your car is a critical to keeping unwanted contaminants off your vehicle that can damage your car's finish. This includes gasoline, bird droppings, tree sap, insects and even dust. You should hand wash your with a mild detergent made specifically for automotive washing twice a month. Only use a clean sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching your paint's surface. Dirt in your cleaning implement can do more harm than good.

Also don't forget to rinse off your vehicle's undercarriage to keep chemicals and other contaminants from the bottom of your car.


A month of two after you get your vehicle painted, you should wax it. Then wax it every 3 or 4 months or so after that to keep protecting that new finish. Make sure to use a quality automotive wax, that does not use abrasive cleaning agents like silicone. Keys to a good wax job:
  • Apply a thin coat of wax with small, circular strokes to the entire vehicle
  • Do not wax your vehicle in direct sunlight if at all possible
  • Let the was dry completely before wiping it off.
  • Use a soft cloth like a terry cloth towel and wipe off the wax using the same small circular strokes but this time apply firm pressure

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