Ron DuPratt Ford's Employee Of The Month

Employee of the Month

A Huge Congrats to Cris in Our Service Department!

Brian and Matthew nominated him for our first store-wide employee of the month, and because of his good deed and going above and beyond his normal day-to-day tasks, he is our first ever Employee of the Month.  He gets to enjoy his Employee of the Month parking spot, a $50 Visa gift card, and his RDF lanyard and award!

Here is what his managers had to say:

"The Service Department had a deal for fleet to do about 38 mobile recalls for Altec. The normal technician that does the mobile ended up straining his arm was absent when we were supposed to start the recalls. This was a very hot deal because the vehicles were in the middle of production. I went to Cris and asked him for his help and Cris immediately accepted the challenge. Cris had never worked in the Mobile van and took off immediately without question. Cris worked a number of days out in the open in the heat and completed all the needed work. I received a call from Altec yesterday afternoon stating how professional and courteous Cris was while at their site. He also stated that Cris completed the needed repairs in half the time estimated.

I feel Cris has demonstrated a strong presence for our Service Department especially outside the normal realm of everyday operations. Cris is always there when something comes up that needs immediate attention and I strongly feel he is a good candidate for the employee of the month."

Managers send nominations throughout the month as they see all of you helping a peer or a customer or going above and beyond in a different way. Our next award will go out on October 1st for your hard work.