Recently, a California State executive order outlined a mandate that requires all new cars and passenger trucks sold in the state of CA to be emissions-free by 2035. That's a big deal, and at our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA, we're taking this initiative very seriously. We already offer a myriad of Ford electric cars and hybrid vehicles for sale nearby, including the Ford Escape Hybrid, Ford Fusion Energi, and the upcoming all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV. All of these vehicles can help you reduce your carbon footprint and go green, so what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve today by visiting Ron DuPratt Ford and discussing which hybrid car or SUV is right for you. We'll outline all the excellent benefits that come with owning a hybrid vehicle in California.

Gain Access to the Carpool Lane in CA

Did you know that when you drive a hybrid SUV or electric car, you'll get single-driver access to the carpool, or HOV, lane on California highways? Learn more about how you can get a Clean Air Vehicle decal that permits you access to the carpool lane, even if you’re driving alone with no passengers.

California EV Tax Rebates, Credits & Incentives

When you visit us to shop for a new hybrid Ford for sale near Sacramento, CA, be sure to speak with our experts about the federal, state, and local incentives you can take advantage of with your Ford lease or purchase. Whether it's the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project or additional federal tax credits, you can seize an array of incentives for going green.