What Is the Most
Fuel-Efficient Ford?

The most fuel-efficient Ford model is the 2022 Escape Hybrid, which returns up to 37 highway mpg. The most fuel-efficient Ford powered solely by gas, meanwhile, is the 2022 Escape, which offers up to 34 highway mpg. Trailing just behind in fuel economy is the 2022 Maverick, which can return up to 33 highway mpg with its standard hybrid engine. Switching to a fuel-efficient Ford can help you save money and time at the gas pump while also aiding the environment, so reach out to our Ford dealership near Sacramento to compare Ford fuel economy ratings and decide on your perfect match!

Cyber Orange 2022 Ford Maverick on a road winding through a hilly, scenic landscape
Shown is a 2022 Ford Bronco™ Sport parked on the grass near a rock wall and cargo is strapped to the roof
Model Highway MPG
2022 Ford Escape Hybrid37
2022 Ford Escape34
2022 Ford Maverick (Hybrid Engine)33
2022 Ford EcoSport29
2022 Ford Mustang29
2022 Ford Bronco Sport28
2022 Ford Edge28
2022 Ford Explorer28
2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid28
2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid26
2022 Ford Ranger26
2022 Ford Expedition23

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