Air Filters... Help your car breathe easier


Your Ford vehicle needs clean, fresh air for its engine to work properly, and for your vehicle to deliver the most mileage and performance possible. Making sure you have a clean, functioning air filter is an important step in keeping your car, truck or SUV properly maintained.

In the same manner, cabin air filters keep you and your passengers breathing easily. A dirty cabin air filter causes increasingly stale air inside your vehicle. It can even become as a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, micro-organisms and other potential sources of allergens. By replacing your cabin air filter regularly helps improve interior air quality for you and all your passengers.


Your engine's air filter system is designed to screen out airborne contaminants such as dirt and dust before they can enter the engine. The typical system filters air coming from the PCV valve by passing it through a paper or foam breather element and a pleated paper element. If your car has a dirty or clogged engine air filter system, the proper amount of clean air can't get into your engine, which often results in reduced acceleration. There are many different types and sizes of engine air filters on the market today. If you don't use the correct filter that fits your particular vehicle, contaminants can still get through, clogging your air intake system. Having Ron DuPratt Ford service your Ford air filter gives you four important advantages:

  • You can be sure the technician working on your vehicle is Ford-trained and experienced working on Ford vehicle
  • You can be sure the diagnostic systems and tools used are factory certified and designed expressly for Ford vehicles
  • You can be sure the air filter we use is a Ford Genuine Motorcraft® part that was engineered to be a perfect fit for your engine
  • You can be sure that our technicians will check your engine air filter and let you know whether or not you need a new one, and let you know if you should consider changing your air filter soon.


You should regularly replace your cabin air filters, but your driving habits, the climate and other environmental factors can affect how often you need to change them. Ron DuPratt Ford technicians are trained to inspect your cabin air filters and recommend replacement when necessary. Our technicians will replace your cabin air filters for you and since they use only Ford Genuine Motorcraft® Parts, you can be sure the fit will be tight. Using generic cabin air filters can result in gaps that may allow the dangerous or annoying substances into your vehicle's passenger area.

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